Help & Advice

Help & Advice

We have put some of the most frequent questions we are asked below for you. Have a look and see if your query is listed. If not, please email or ring us directly, we will try to assist you over the phone in any way we can, 018315566 Call Now!

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Gas boiler services come with a cost of €90 and a certificate is left on site from the registered engineer. An oil boiler comes at a cost of €100 as it takes a longer amount of time to service an oil boiler.

We have registered engineers in both Gas and Oil boiler servicing and can tender for most needs.

A drain down is a quick drain down of the water in the system to allow work like a boiler or radiator install to be done. A Power flush is similar but is focused only on flushing all bad water and debris from your radiators and pipes.

Separate to the boiler. We cater for most needs and will try our best to provide a quotation or assistance for any works required.

We look after a lot of contracts all over Ireland, however for the private sector our main working areas are Dublin and surrounding counties. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and check if your area is somewhere we can reach!

We generally book gas boiler services two weeks in advance of the day they are booked in on. Surveys are booked in for the next available day and if it is an emergency call our team will scan through to see when the closest appointment is for us to reach you, trying our utmost best to get to you within 24-48 hours of your call.

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